What is Warm Bamboo Massage?

Bamboo is deeply rooted within the Asian culture. Countries such as China, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia use bamboo to promote health and well-being. Bamboo is seen as a healing plant and is widely used for its medicinal properties and is known throughout the world as a “magic plant”.

Bamboo Massage is performed much like traditional Swedish Massage, where muscle restrictions, knots and stiffness within the soft tissues of the body are reduced, using a combination of heated bamboo tools and the therapists hands. The warmth of the bamboo tools allows the therapist to work into the deeper layers of muscle tissue to help alleviate restrictions and discomfort. It’s a great therapy for chronic pain and injuries and can be a more comfortable style of deep tissue massage.

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Relax With Bamboo Massage

Bamboo Massage is a very relaxing massage and the warmth it provides helps promote a deep sense of relaxation with a therapeutic effect.

There are many benefits to having a warm Bamboo Massage, here are just a few:

  • Promotes circulation
  • Relaxes muscle tissue
  • Decrease stress and tension
  • Reduces and relieves headaches and migraines
  • Helps decrease chronic pain
  • Helps decrease arthritic and joint pain