What is a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage is a relaxing, deep heated treatment that requires the use of smooth water-heated basalt stones. Heated stones are placed on specific areas of the body such as; along the spine, stomach, upper chest, between toes, palms of hands and face. Working stones are used in a gliding motion along the body as an extension of the Massage Therapist hands, providing deep and consistent penetrating heat to the muscles of the body. The heat can help warm up tight restricted muscles and promote deep relaxation. Basalt stones have a high iron content which allows them to retain thermal heat for longer periods of time, making them the perfect stone and choice to be used in providing quality Hot Stone Massage treatments.

Muscles love heat!! Individuals who are extremely tense may find benefit in Hot Stone Massage treatments, as the heat from the stones provides deep penetrating heat and helps increase circulation allowing the muscles to relax and tension to reduce. This helps to decrease soft tissue restrictions and muscular aches and pains to become minimal. A Hot Stone Massages is a wonderful treatment to promote relaxation and to decrease unwanted stress and anxiety that so often develops in response to our lifestyle.

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Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Lactic acid and fatigue are by-products of poor circulation which also affects muscles causing them to become tense. A Hot Stone Massage is a great way to help improve blood circulation and it allows oxygen to be distributed throughout the body, helping in the reduction of muscular restrictions, soreness and improve recovery time.

It is vital to let your therapist know during your treatment if the heat from the stones is tolerable as well as the pressure being used with the stones is within your comfort level. It is also suggested to avoid Hot Stone Therapy if you suffer from high blood pressure; bleeding disorders, diabetes, have open wounds or lesions or are pregnant, as this can create additional health issues. Please ensure that the RMT providing your Hot Stone Massage for you is certified and trained in this service, as non-certified practitioners may cause unwanted harm to you as they may not have the knowledge base required to perform this treatment correctly.

Effects Of Hot Stone Massage

The application of hot stones to the body causes vasodilation. This means that the blood vessels expand and dilate, resulting in an increase in metabolism, blood flow, sweating and relaxation to muscle tissues. With the increase in circulation and oxygen, vital nutrients will be delivered to the soft tissues of the body to help heal and restore their vitality.