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We are located at 3710 Main Street, Niagara Falls(In the historical village of Chippawa). close to all major hotels and attractions, we are avalible by appointment Monday to Saturday. We also have same day Massage Therapy bookings for those in need of immediate care. Booking a Massage or spa service couldn't be more simple with our online booking system or simply give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in booking a much needed Massage or spa service .

With over 20 years experience in Massage Therapyand 13 years spa experience we pride ourselves in the care and attention we give to all our clients. We strive to customize massage therapy treatments based on your individual needs and wishes. Whether you come to us needing to relax from a stressful week or for more specific reasons such as chronic pain or dysfunction, Our therapists and aesthetician are here to help assist you in restoring your health, beauty and well-being.

  • Reducing or eliminating pain
  • Improving joint mobility
  • Improving circulation.
  • Improves Sleep.
  • Reducing muscular tension.
  • Reducing Stress.
  • Helps with postural and muscular pain caused by pregnancy or recent child birth.
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Why Choose Clover Therapeutic Wellness Centre?

With the many massage therapy clinics, wellness centres and medical practices available to the public it can be quite tough and confusing to choose where to go or who to see!! What makes one clinic any better than another? Their environment? Their therapists? Or maybe their location! Often many clinics care more about their profits and volume rather than the quality of direct care, leading to a less attentive treatment or experience

Clover Therapeutic Wellness Centre prides itself in superior care, where attention is completely devoted to our clients. Continual treatments are suggested and based on our clients results. We want what is best for our clients and their health!! We want to see your progress and health goals achieved not simply keep you in the state of continual therapy, never quite reaching your optimal health. With that said, we do welcome all our clients to maintain their health by visiting us as much as they wish and enjoy.

It was apparent after working in the Massage Therapy industry for over 10 years at various clinics and practices, how many of them were not client focused and placed more concern on profits then on helping people, it felt like a conveyor belt or assembly line. This is not the ideal environment to work within especially when your work is centered around an individual’s wellbeing, and so it was time to branch out in the industry and open a practice devoted to our passion! Clients and so Clover Therapeutic Wellness Centre was born!!

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clover therapeutic wellness center therapy service